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Only $12/month! No long-term obligation, and you can easily cancel at any time. You have nothing to lose - except a little guilt, shame & the weight of expectations 

If you're like us, you might feel tired, overwhelmed, and unmotivated to do one more thing that feels like a chore, so we want to provide a space for you to train your body, be encouraged, and remember where your hope comes from.

While we know taking care of our bodies is important, working out does NOT have to be a punishment. It can truly be a get-to! 🙌🏼

God has given us a passion for teaching effective workouts to train your joy. If you've been to an in-person class or worked out with us online, we hope you've experienced that working out can be fun! For us, moving our bodies is ultimately about training from the INSIDE OUT. When our hearts are strong with joy, peace, and love, our bodies follow. 


* A community more concerned about your heart than the number on your scale.

* A community that trains to encourage and speak life instead of compare and compete.

* A community that knows the Truth of who we are instead of falling into the lies of we're "too much" or not enough.

* A community that's not afraid to work hard and get uncomfortable because we know it's a training ground for life.

* A community that embraces all sizes, ages, and fitness levels. Everyone has a place at the table, and modifications/success options are shown in all of our workouts. 


* Access to an ever-growing library of hundreds workout videos, including dance fitness, kickboxing, HIIT, circuits, strength, cardio, upper/lower/core, stretching & gentle movement, various lengths & intensity levels. We've got something for everyone!

* NEW workouts added throughout each month!

* Access to a private At Home members Facebook group for accountability & motivation.

*Spiritual encouragement to help you on your journey to healthy & whole living.

* Watch the videos on your computer, stream to your TV, or use the user-friendly Gumroad app to view the videos on your mobile device!

* EASILY cancel your membership anytime with one click of a button!


"These are totally the kind of workouts that I need. They're fun and exciting and keep me engaged the entire time."

"This is the first time I've started a diet/exercise type program and not focused on losing weight. Instead, I've focused on making changes in my life. Better food choices, making time to exercise and praying about it all. I'm down 12 lbs! Exciting and super motivating!"

"I am loving the new Rev Fit workout! I found myself smiling during quite a few songs. Me? smiling during a workout? I definitely never thought that would happen! Thank you, ladies!"

"Katrina and Courtney, I cannot express to you the connection I feel with you after you pray for me almost every day during the cool down. Sometimes we just cannot pray those words for ourselves. I am so thankful for your ministry and your willingness to step out and try something new.

"Love the workouts! They're a challenge, for sure, but Katrina and Courtney always make it so fun you forget you're working hard! Thanks, ladies!"

For a preview of our workouts, visit our YouTube Channel:

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A library of nearly 200 workouts!

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$12 a month

At Home Workouts Membership

14 ratings
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